Web Design

Attractive, affordable, and easy to MANAGE

Rhizomatic Arts takes a collaborative approach to web design, meaning you play a part in the design process. Through conversation and assessment of your goals and needs, we create a customized site together that authentically showcases your work or business.

I teach you how to easily manage your content from the web, saving you money and putting you in control of your web presence.

Past Projects

I’m so glad I entrusted my fledgling website to the nurturing that Allison provided. Rhizomatic Arts is on the right track.... Inquiry (Allison’s tailored Q&A) and interdependence (her organizational skills + my content) led to independence – the self generating potential of my website.
— Nicole Sumner, artist & educator

Our process


Projects typically run between $700-3000, depending on the level of help you want:

Level one:  
We start with an interview, where I learn about you and your work, and collect any text or images you already have. I then draft written copy, outline page structure, and suggest a style template. You build your site on the platform of choice.  

Level two:  
Already have some good written copy and artwork? Want to refresh and update an existing site? 

I'll take your materials and create a customized site that reflects your unique voice and style, then show you how to make updates.

Level three:  
Starting from scratch? I'll help you with both content creation and website design, then teach you how to manage your site so you're independent going forward.

We'll develop written copy as well as beautiful visual branding to make you shine.

Additional services may include writing your bio, work description, or mission statement; social media; email marketing; or refurbishing your existing site.

Need photos, videos, or artwork? I can recommend some excellent folks from the Sustainability Network.

Believe it or not, I built this new site myself—and let me take a moment to sing the praises of friend and fellow performer Allison Wyper, whom I hired as a consultant. All I knew when we started was that I wanted the new site to be colorful, eye-catching, easy to navigate and, most importantly, affordable and sustainable. In a few sessions, Allison brainstormed with me on layout options, site organization and more, which provided me with the confidence and enthusiasm I needed to get the job done on my own.

I can’t recommend Allison enough to anyone in need of a new website—whether you want to build it yourself or trust a competent designer to realize your vision. It’s up to you, your time and your budget.
— Paul Outlaw (outlawplay.com)

All of my sites, and the sites in my portfolio, were created using Squarespace. It is by far my preferred platform, and I recommend it for busy artists and creatives.

(And no, Squarespace is not paying me to say that. I wish!)

As a Circle member, I have access to discounts, product updates, and a community of other experienced Squarespace designers.

Contact me for a consultation and estimate for your project.