About the company

Core Values


We cultivate sustainable creative lives. Our customized design services, professional coaching, workshops, and peer network help creative people work independently, not alone. Artistic projects premised on collaboration and exchange activate the art space as a site for critical action. We are dedicated to social and economic justice from a grassroots, person-to-person level, and uphold the feminist ethos: if one thrives, we all thrive. Rhizomatic Arts was established in 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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Business Model

One-on-one services such as web design, graphic design, and written materials seed all of our activities. Every dollar earned helps to germinate our programs, from workshops to happy hours.

Our clients, peers, and workshop participants become part of a Sustainability Network which meets seasonally to talk about what we need and what we have to share. We draw upon this network to complement our areas of expertise.

Rhizomatic Studio generates artistic projects (performances, writing, and workshops) premised on collaboration and exchange.



About me

I am an interdisciplinary performance artist. I live in Los Angeles, and present my work internationally. I also have over a decade of experience in what I broadly call “arts administration."

Which is to say, I have a crazy resumé.*

Office manager, bookkeeper, stage manager, producer, administrative assistant, research assistant, academic, and sales person at an upscale gift shop. I've been a full-time employee (usually for short periods of time) and a freelance consultant. I've worked with artists, theatre companies, interior design firms, Hollywood marketing agencies, and a women's studies center at a major research university. I do a lot of “gigging." I occasionally teach. And I recently discovered that I love making websites.

After years of struggling with frustrating, unsatisfying day jobs, and what began to feel like professional schizophrenia, I finally came clean with myself and admitted: 

My priority is my creative practice.

Being an artist, I, like many of you, am interested in a TON of things outside of the studio. The truth is, I am genuinely passionate about artist sustainability. I geek out about labor advocacy and professional development workshops. I want my friends and colleagues to thrive, and if there's anyway I can help them do that, I want to do it, whether that means hiring my peers for projects I'm working on, or designing a website for someone I admire.

I am personally invested in a healthy economy and ecology for socially engaged creative practice. I don't think of this work as separate from my work as an artist; it is simply another way in which I am working to create the future that I want to live in.


* As of January 2017, I am also Artists Knowledge Manager at the Center for Cultural Innovation.