You don’t have to do everything alone.

Together we'll cultivate the daily administrative skills and structures you need for a sustainable career doing what you love.


professional visioning

Identify your values, then translate those values into a thriving, sustainable business. 

We work together one-on-one to articulate what you want to do, how you want to live, and what you need to make it all work. 

We will create a personalized plan to address your needs, from marketing and identity development, to planning for a career that takes your life into account.

Administrative interventions

Bookkeeping, email newsletters, social media... No resources to hire a company administrator?

I'll help set you up with systems that work for you and maximize your time at the desk, so that you can get back into the studio to do what really matters. 

(PSST...If you don't want to do the work yourself, we can connect you with someone who does!)


Get organized!

Turn your office or studio into a
more livable work space.

I'm offering office/studio organization to Los Angeles area clients for $1/minute. This short video gives you a feel for what a difference even 20 minutes can make!

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Allison gave great feedback on how best to prepare, present, and organize my work in a cohesive manner for web presence. Being an interdisciplinary artist herself, she understood my needs as an interdisciplinary artist and helped guide me through the process of developing a clear artist statement- offering insightful tips on ways to gain perspective and talk about one’s art. She is incredibly sharp and has the ability to truly listen with a nurturing presence.
— Michelle Shiu-Lin Lai, artist

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