how to talk (and write) about your work

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Do you get tongue tied in networking situations? Get writers block writing about yourself for grants? 
Think these tasks would go down easier with a partner and a glass of something bubbly? 

In this fun (and practical) workshop for artists and creative professionals, we practice talking about what we do, why we do it, and why it matters. Using structured, one on one interviews, you will learn to craft clear and meaningful elevator pitches, mission statements, and personal statements that express your unique identity for grants, publicity, and publication. We'll make meaningful connections with peers from across diverse artistic communities over 4-hours of deep-dive into what motivates us to make our work.

One of most effective and beneficial workshops I’ve ever been to. The activities helped to really hone in on the weak spots in my ‘pitches’. It also left me feeling encouraged and inspired.
— Yasmine Diaz, artist

photo: Monika Sobczak

photo: Monika Sobczak


performance LAB


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Are you developing a new performance work for the stage? Rhizomatic Studio: Performance Lab is a forum for developing works through the exchange of peer (artist-to-artist) feedback on new material over several weeks. Culminates in a public showing of works-in-progress.

As an interdisciplinary community of peers, artists working in different performance disciplines support one another to make the best work possible. The Performance Lab encourages the cultivation of new artistic relationships, while engaging dialogue across discipline and aesthetic. Each week, participants will each present up to 10-minutes of performance material for feedback from the group. Sessions will be facilitated using Liz Lerman's "Critical Response Process"–meaning participants will provide valuable perspective on presented work, without "directing." The structure of the lab provides a weekly deadline to motivate progress, while helping participants hone feedback skills and make strong professional connections.

We welcome theatre, dance, and performance artists; storytellers and improvisers; musicians, puppeteers, and intermedia makers; playwrights and public practice artists. The Lab is especially good for solo artists or collaborative duos. Work should be “mid-development” (meaning you have an idea where you want to go with it, and are open to feedback), and presentable “studio style” with no tech and few-to-no additional performers.

Presented in January 2017 by the Hammer Museum as part of In Real Life: Studio



Collective Creation Lab is a practice based, studio workshop for performers of all disciplines to try out new ideas and ways of working. Participants take turns leading structures for generating new material, and playing with old, new, or undeveloped ideas, in a safe, supportive, interdisciplinary cohort of peers. 

The goal is not to create "a piece,” or even show anything we make to the public. The Lab is a place to play around, try out ideas, experiment with ways of working that are totally outside your wheel house, make BAD WORK in a fun, safe, private space, etc. YOU tell us what you want to experiment with, make a lesson plan, and we'll dive in together.

All images courtesy of the artists.

All images courtesy of the artists.



Presented in November 2016 by the Hammer Museum as part of In Real Life: Studio

Rhizomatic Studio convened an interdisciplinary group of leading Los Angeles performance makers, who engaged collectively in two days of "Shared Practice" at the Hammer Museum. Invited participants (including dancers, performance artists, actors, and spoken word artists) led mini-workshops and engaged in live performance experiments on (and spilling over) the stage. Each day ended with an inclusive performance "encounter."

November 11th, 2016:

11:00-12:00  Elisabeth Nails self-care workshop/improv
12:00-1:00  Phillip T. Nails poetry rehearsal/feedback
1:30-2:30  Antonia Price & Julia Eckels experiment/workshop
2:30-3:30  Christy Roberts Berkowitz experiment
3:45-4:45  Mariel Carranza & Paul Outlaw experiment/feedback
4:45-6:00  group encounter/improv

November 18th, 2016:

11:00-12:30  Alexx Shilling rehearsal/feedback
12:30-1:30  Justin Morrison instant composition workshop
2:00-3:00  Josh Berkowitz "Pure Potential Performance Playground" workshop
3:00-4:00  Marcos Najera experiment
4:15-5:00  Carol McDowell improvisational structure
5:00-6:00  group encounter/improv