DALTON JOHNSON: Telling stories through photography.

Email Address: daltonjohnsonmedia@gmail.com

Website: http://www.daltonjohnsonmedia.com

Where are you based?: Bay Area

Introduce yourself!: Good Day! My name is Dalton Johnson and I am an adventure photographer focusing on healthy lifestyles. I love creating a photo-essay of climbing, surfing, and yoga. While I find myself photographing those topics weekly, I also do lots of tabletop photography (often for tea and coffee houses) and product shots for outdoor companies. 

I love collaborating on all levels with artists and business people alike. A jack of all trades when I am behind the lens. Each shoot I try creating portfolio worthy content. Let's work on something together!

What do you need?: Business/Administrative, Website, Grant Writing, Accounting/Bookkeeping

What can you share?: Project Feedback/Critique, Documentation, Graphic Design/Artwork, Other (please specify below)

Are you willing to barter for services?: Absolutely!

Anything else to add?: On top of photography, I can do Social Media Marketing!